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Forever Chemicals

Whole Home PFOS, PFOA & Other Chemical Reduction

PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, which are a group of man-made chemicals used in a wide range of industrial and consumer products for their water and stain-resistant properties, as well as their ability to reduce friction.

PFAS can be found in a variety of everyday products such as non-stick cookware, food packaging, water-resistant clothing, firefighting foam, and even dental floss. They are persistent in the environment, meaning they do not break down easily and can accumulate in the soil, water, and in animals, including humans.

Exposure to PFAS has been associated with health problems, including developmental delays in fetuses and children, decreased fertility, increased cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of certain types of cancer. As a result, there is growing concern over the use and regulation of PFAS.

Disinfect with UV

POLARIS Ultraviolet

Disinfection System



The Polaris Scientific UVA-418-S22 System offers an economical and chemical-free way to safe guard drinking water in residential and light commercial applications. The Polaris Scientific UVA-418-522 System can be used in applications for flow rates up to 18 gpm (70 lpm) and is perfect for taste, odor, turbidity and chlorine reduction while combining High Output ultraviolet light sterilization to protect against bacteria. 

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EASY Iron Reduction

AQUATEK ATDIRCFS-20-1 Iron Filter System

The ATDIRCFS-20-1 2-stage system beings with an NP-RFG20BB Radial flow Carbon Filter Cartridge which reduces particulates in water. The coconut shell granular activated
carbon (GAC) filter media effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor, organics, sediment, scale and rust particles that may be present in your water.
The second stage, RFIRC20-BB filter cartridge is designed to provide an easy and effective method of reducing iron from water, which
greatly improves the taste.
This cartridge helps to eliminate the orange and brown stains often found in sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures. It also reduces the possibility of damage to pipes
and water heaters and reduces up to 3 ppmdissolved iron.

Water Softeners

Aquatek ATWS Water Softeners are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA with NSF® certified components. Residential Aquatek Softeners feature industry leading, high-quality components. ATWS series valves were designed with the world’s water treatment professional in mind, and incorporate many features that are a direct result of feedback from customers. The valves are manufactured from composite plastics and are designed to provide high flow rates (up to 27 GPM) over a wide range of applications.



  • Full port metered electronic control valve saves up to 50% salt & water usage

  • Protects plumbing fixures & appliances from hard water damage

  • Tracks daily usage and automatically adjusts to match demand

  • Eliminates water spots and lime scale build up

  • Leaves your skin and hair softer and more manageable

Specialty Water Softeners
Sodium Free Scale Prevention | A Green Alternative to Water Softening

Aquatek NSPS Sodium Free Scale Prevention Water Softeners operate on the basis of ion exchange; exchanging calcium and magnesium ions in water with an equivalent amount of sodium (Salt). When a softener is used you get true “soft water” and an increased sodium content in your water supply. Softening units also require electricity and additional water for backwashing and common brine water salt water for regeneration. Alternatively, the Sodium Free Scale Prevention system contains a catalyst that accelerates the transformation of hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) into harmless Nano particles. When the inlet water goes into the water conditioner tank, the Filtersorb SP3 media pulls the calcium and magnesium out of the solution and transforms them into inactive Nano crystal particles when then make their way through plumbing systems without attaching to pipes, fixtures, valves, or heating elements. The end result being “conditioned water” (still containing source minerals), not “soft water”.

Media Filters
ATAIO3 Ozone Iron Filters

Aquatek ATAIO3 Ozone IRON Fitlers Ozone is a triatomic oxygen (O3) which has high oxidation capabilities. It is produced from air and high voltage electricity, think lightning. Ozone is the most effective and rapidly acting primary disinfectant for media bed available. Along with disinfection, the use of ozone for drinking water treatment has many other benefits such as improved taste and color removal, iron, manganese and sulfur removal. Ozone’s high oxidation potential gives it excellent germicidal properties. Ozone is 52% stronger than chlorine, and will oxidize much more rapidly without the use of harsh chemicals.


  • Enhanced Oxidation generator uses Ozotech Poseiden series corona discharge cell with automatic cleaning alerts

  • An Ozone air pocket is introduced into the top of the tank. As water passes through this pocket the iron, manganese and sulfur in water are oxidized

  • Professional Series AIO Control Valve
    Eliminates rust stains and “rotten egg” smell

  • Disinfects and protects against bacteria

ATAIOIF Iron Filters

Aquatek ATAIOIF IRON Fitlers When water enters the Iron Filter, it passes through a bubble of compressed air that oxidizes it. The water then passes through a media bed. The filter media enhances the reaction that separates the iron from your water. The insoluble flakes of iron that result are then caught by the media bed and the now iron-free water flows to your faucets. The iron filter will replenish itself every couple of days through a process called backwashing that flushes the stored iron out of the media bed and down the drain


  • Eliminates rust stains & discoloration

  • No more “rotten egg “ sulfur smell

  • Zero chemicals or harsh treatment additives required

  • Environmentally friendly & non-toxic

  • Cleaner drinking water

ATCBF Backwashing Filters

Aquatek ATCBF Backwashing water filters are highly versatile tank & valve style filters which, depending on desired results and media choice, can provide a wide variety treatment op- tions. Backwashing consists of reversing the flow of water so that it enters from the bottom of the filter bed, lifts and rinses the bed, then exits through the top of the filter tank. Aquatek backwashing filter control valves and media tanks are programmed filled to desired cus- tomer needs


  • Highly customizable

  • Professional Grade Components

Housings & Cartridges
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